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Life of a Flower - Rafael Sánchez with Ellen Cantor, Jim Fletcher, Mark Morrisroe, Gail Thacker

Tobias Hohn & Stanton Taylor - Reproduction (Coins = Smile = Food = Cry)

Irena Haiduk / Yugoexport - あなたの妻は壁に閉じ込められます (Anata no Tsuma wa Kabe ni Tojikome raremasu)

Okey Dokey II: Catherine Christer Hennix

Nicolás Guagnini - The Male Maze and Some Trompe L'oeil

J. Parker Valentine - Transients in the High Plains

Crises in the Credit Systems

Jef Geys - Oldenburg

Okey Dokey 2017

Aaron Flint Jamison

Life & Opinions | organized by Galerie Max Mayer and Tanya Leighton

Melanie Gilligan - Parts-whole

Condo 2017 | Galerie Max Mayer at CHEWDAY'S - The Middle Class Goes to Heaven

Jan Paul Evers - Voluntarismus vorbedachter Unbedachtbarkeit

Flora Klein

Jef Geys - San Michele, 2009

Alexey Vanushkin - Togetherness

Sarah Kürten - drowning in formaldehyde

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Nicolás Guagnini - Our Lady of the Flowers

Henning Fehr und Philipp Rühr - Signature

Henning Fehr und Philipp Rühr - Leisure Time Future: The Rattlesnake

Klaus Merkel - hydra

BODY BILDUNG curated by Piper Marshall

Claudia Kugler - JA

J. Parker Valentine

What would you pay for a rotting whale

Asier Mendizabal

Sarah Kürten - Intermission. A Charade in Two Short Acts

Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff - Apartment III

Nicolás Guagnini / Leigh Ledare - Ana and Carl and Some Other Couples

ES BEGINNT VOR DER TÜR - Ausstellung der Galerie BRD

Kate Levant - Particulate Tones in God's Shirt Pocket


Melanie Gilligan - 4 x exchange / abstraction

Jan Paul Evers - Das Pragmatische Diptychon

Daiga Grantina - scity-ox-tails

Felix Schramm - ACCUMULATION

Klaus Merkel / Nicolás Guagnini - territories multiple:

Henning Fehr und Philipp Rühr - Die Neue Welt in den Schätzen einer alten europäischen Bibliothek

J. Parker Valentine - Who Made Who

Luis Jacob - Show Your Wound

Christoph Westermeier - The Early Walnut Period

Claudia Kugler - 2012

Cayetano Ferrer / Cornelius Quabeck / Anne de Vries - forecast the days of aquarius, lake placid blue, llike oceanburst‘s stage


Jan Paul Evers - Was das Schwarz dem Weißen zeigt

Ein psycho-geographischer Plan